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L.K.G boy-tu mujse shadi klegi?


B-kalle na

G-nhi me ni klungi

B-plz kalle teko tophi duga...

G-isiliye to ni klni,qki kisi ol se choclate me bat ho lakhi h.


Nvr show ur affection n care to anyone in dis decptive wrld..
Bcoz its human tendency to underestimate anything given free of cost...
So true!!!


If u wnt 2 b happy 4 a short time-

If u wan2 b happy 4 a long time-
Bt if u wan2 b happy 4ever,


Dosti Se Chahe Armaan Mang Lo

Roothkar Chahe Muskaan Mang Lo

Tamanna Ye Hai Ki Na Dena Kabhi Dhoka...


Haskar Chahe Meri "Jaan" Mang Lo..


every person may not b gud,

but there's always sumthing gud in every person,

never judge any 1 wrongly bcoz,

every saint has a past & ever sinner has a future..

pritty nice thoughts

most of the fights b/w the friends r not due to problems,

its b coz one loves too much & other loves more then that


manjie bahut hain

afsane bahut hain,

rah-e-jindagi me imetehan ane bahut hain,

mat karna gila uska jo na mile ,

Q K is duniya me khush rahne k bhane bahut hain....



 insan jindagi bhar wo 2 chehre nahi bul pata ..

1st:- vo mushkil halat me sath de..

2nd:- vo jo aise halat me sath chhod de....


who was the author of jungle book ???  Rudyard kipling

where is the " wailing wall "  ???   Jerusalem

relationship is not about

relatioship is not about holding hands while u understand each other well....

its abt having lots of misunderstanding & still not leaving each others hand...


what r the two main constituents of L.P.G. Gas ???  Methane & Ethane

which films had a world reord  number of 72 songs ???   Indrasabha


maa: nalayak kahan thi itni rat tak????

beti: boyfriend k sath..

maa: kar aayi n muh kala ??

Beti : maa F&Lovely hai to fikar kyo ??

Learning from water

Learning From water.. adjst ur self in every situation in any shape n always find out ur own way beautiful....

Chand aapse jalte hoga

Chand aapse jalte hoga, jab kabhi vo aapki hasi dekhta hoga,

kitni pyari aankhe hain aapki, badnasib hai vo aanshu jo 

aapki aankh se girta hoga..

Best quates

Respect emotions in some1s heart,

rather than expressions on some1s face,


expressions is jst Formality bt Emotions r Reality...

dosti hoti hai

Dosti hoti hai one time,

Hum Nibhate hain sometime,

yad kiya karo any time,

aap khush rhe aal time.

yahi dua hai meri lifetime

A request to all

Its a humble request 2 all my frnd that

plz stop sending relegious & personal msg like "" Frwrd to 10 people otherwise badluck follow u " 

or like that coz

these r making fun of our god and parents..

luck does'nt change by sending sms,

it changes by hardwork and dedication.

its all done by mobile companies to earn profit .. so give dis non-sense a 


Techr itni late kyo aae

Teacher itni late kyo aaye??

Kid:- Mummy papa me ladai ho gyi thi..

Tchr:- to late kyo hua???

Kid:- mera 1 juta mummy k hath me tha or 2sra papa k hath me..

Dil me khuda hai

Dil me khuda h,

aankho me nasha h,

Bato me maja h,

Chaht me ada h,

andaj bhi juda h,

Dosti me wafa h,

are yar isliye to 

sari duniya "HUM" par Fida hai 

My First Animated Vedio.....

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